WE SHOOK UP THE WORLD! It’s hard not to be even more excited
at just how well our participants are progressing.

The theme of our tour is about being able to put a spotlight on the thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams of our participants for a better world. So with this in mind, we supercharged their creative minds to create poetry about their truths.

Some issues addressed by our young artists are:

Police Brutality
Donald Trump
Fake Friends
Tupac vs Biggie
Destructive Media Narratives of Young People

Now our performers were beginning to learn techniques in performance from the team. How to use the stage, make your voice travel and insert emotion into their lines.

Closer now to getting a full picture of what Raw Roads: Imagine Folkestone showcase will feature…




Imagine a group of young people come to Quarterhouse in Folkestone to write and perform original material for the very first time. Raw Roads have returned to give a space for young rhymes, lyrics and poems in the making to deliver new work.

We Began with a few fun games to get minds thinking fast and reacting to creative challenges they were given, From giving the room your name and a gesture/a movement to character building exercises.

Flo led a technique that proved very useful. You start with a topic, find words that relate to that topic, the opposite words/phrases that relate to the first topic, and words that rhyme. Then – Presto! You have the words you need to design a poem.

We were treated to three poems on the themes of family, swag & money. My god was it exciting to watch the potential of our participants in the room. With Saturday fast approaching, we are in with a good selection of comedic, humorous and hardcore rhymes from political dissatisfaction and dreams of a better life to heartwarming
raw feelings about family.

We are in a good place to begin working towards Saturday.



On Tuesday 30th April, Around 25 young people came to a taster session at the Quarterhouse. We talked about the project, and the opportunities it offers young artists who want to learn creative skills and perform. New lyrics were written, brilliant raps were shared with the group, and a couple of games got everyone stretching their brain powers. It was awesome. Can’t wait for next Tuesday: April 11th, quarterhouse. Folkestone, here we go.