Check out our short interviews with some of the young people we worked with:

Interview with Anthony –

Interview with Millie –

Interview with Jojo –

Interview with Jay –

Interview with J-Lee –

Interview with Seb –

Interview with Laura –


IMAGINE culminated in a showcase, in which some of the project’s participants performed the original material they created at the Raw Roads residencies.

This was a brilliant end to our 2017 project, in which we met and worked with some incredible young people and saw them learn, create, perform and achieve so much.

Big thank you to our hosting venue Prince of Wales (POW).

Reuben Messiah (Raw Roads artistic team member), London [00:51]
Millie (aka MC Millsey), Folkestone [02:47]
Seb, Nottingham [06:25]
Jay, Nottingham [10:41]
Josh (J-Lee), Nottingham [11:30]
Ryan, Nottingham (feat. Reuben) [14:00]
Ernie G, Folkestone [14:48]
Ernie G feat. FLOetic Lara [17:40]
Ruby & Laura, Nottingham [20:30]
Jojo, Nottingham [26:38]
MC Pacey, Folkestone [29:35]
Laura, Nottingham [31:34]


July 25 was epic. Some of our young artists from IMAGINE residencies in Folkestone and Nottingham came to Brixton for the day.

They met each other, did a writing workshop together, rehearsed for a gig and also got into the studio to record a track.



J-Lee, Nottingham

Jojo, Nottingham

Seb, Nottingham

MC Pacey, Folkestone

Jay, Nottingham

Ryan, Nottingham

MC Millsey, Folkestone

Ernie G, Folkestone

Laura, Nottingham


Recorded at Raw Material studios, Brixton, London. Track produced by Alexis Adimora.

Video edited by Nick Ashbay. Photography by Gemma Mills. ©2017 Raw Music Media