Folkestone residency blog, day 1

Imagine a group of young people come to Quarterhouse in Folkestone to write and perform original material for the very first time. Raw Roads have returned to give a space for young rhymes, lyrics and poems in the making to deliver new work.

We Began with a few fun games to get minds thinking fast and reacting to creative challenges they were given, From giving the room your name and a gesture/a movement to character building exercises.

Flo led a technique that proved very useful. You start with a topic, find words that relate to that topic, the opposite words/phrases that relate to the first topic, and words that rhyme. Then – Presto! You have the words you need to design a poem.

We were treated to three poems on the themes of family, swag & money. My god was it exciting to watch the potential of our participants in the room. With Saturday fast approaching, we are in with a good selection of comedic, humorous and hardcore rhymes from political dissatisfaction and dreams of a better life to heartwarming
raw feelings about family.

We are in a good place to begin working towards Saturday.



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