Imagine in Nottingham: learning some serious skills

Day two saw everyone bright and early and ready to get going. We plays some brain-twisting games, then dived straight into two back-t-back creative skills workshops. Reuben led a workshop about structuring a piece, the use of a developmental arc (beginning/set up > middle/conflict – end/resolution), and the necessary components of each part of a piece. He used image-building, or tableaus, to explore devising with out words. We created three different stories (a car crash on a cliff-edge, a rap battle and a bomb on an airplane) without using a word, and brought to briefly to life. Then Jesse took us straight into understanding the use of beats and rhyming when writing bars, and we all had a go and created short raps. The room then became a hub of concentrated creativity, with everyone bouncing ideas for new pieces, co-writing and free-styling. It was a long and fruitful day.

[pics by Gemma Mills]

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