IMAGINE residency in folkestone ends with a terrific showcase!

After a week of workshops, learning new skills and having fun and lots of writing new lyrics and bars and hours and hours of rehearsing… it was showtime. The Quarterhouse opened its doors to a wonderful, warm audience, that was treated to world premiers of raps and songs by local young talents Labushka & Ida, Dylan, Diamond Killerz, Marek (aka Sabiak) & David, Leo, Millie, Anthony (aka MC Pacey), Sab and Ernie G. Raw Roads crew members performed too: Reuben with his political piece about local housing distress, LeeN and Conrad Kira dropping their massive bars, and Lara FLO Lee sharing her singing spell.

The end of the show had everyone on their feet, dancing and smiling and celebrating a wonderful week of creativity. Next stop: NOTTINGHAM….

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