Reuben’s blog, IMAGINE @ Nottingham, Day 3

On we go to Day 3:
Let’s get creating and set our imaginations free

A fresh new day began for our young artists with two exhilarating workshops led by FLO and Conrad. We began an extremely fun and useful vocal preparation exercise. This exercise gives all involved the chance to create music without an instrument. We all created sounds that we easily repeated. With FLO as our conductor, we were able to experience performing at different tempos and volumes and merge our sounds with those of others. It was a valuable lesson in voice projection for our young performers.

We followed onto Conrad’s workshop on Flow (not to be confused with FLOetic Lara lol). Flow is what dictates the way a rapper will deliver his lines. The example of hit 90’s sitcom Fresh Prince theme song proved very useful and had the group following nursery rhyme-esque flow of Will Smith’s delivery. Conrad impressed on our artists that rhyming flow is very important to a rapper, to ensure he can ride the waves of a beat.

This point was further illustrated by a game called Spell Your Name, in which you spell your name with a rhyming flow provided by hand claps or feet taps.

After the break, the ground-breaking work began as our artists set about adding levels to their pieces through the writing and performing of their works. As a facilitator, I must say I am excited to see our artists’ pieces come alive. We have pieces ranging from the cruel unrealistic expectations of people to an anthem against bullying.

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