WATCH>> ‘Legal?’ – a film created at Raw Roads in Portsmouth

WATCH>> ‘Legal?’ – a film created at Raw Roads in Portsmouth

Legal? is a short film exploring issues around legal highs.

It was written by and starring young talents from Brook Youth Club in Somerstown, Portsmouth, during the Raw Roads: Invisible residency in the city.

It all began when Shannon, one of the young people who comes to the Club, said she liked Eastenders and wanted to do a short dramatic film. But she also wanted it to be about issues that affect her community. So we all sat down, bounced ideas, and wrote some scenes. Michael, Raw Roads’ own actor, volunteered to play the Dealer. Tom, Shelby, Tamira and Rosie joined Shannon and our cast was complete!
We shot it on location outside the Brook Club. Marc (who is very clever with cameras and also our Tour Manager) did all the filming and later edited the film late into the night.
The official premier was on the following day, at the celebration event Bars & BBQ. Everyone loved it, and actually asked for it to be shown again immediately after the first time.

Congratulations to the team who made it!
Hope you enjoy watching it.


Lucy Brown

May 6th, 2015

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