Nottingham showcase: young people have their say

Nottingham showcase: young people have their say

Saturday, 6 pm. Friends and family members begin to arrive at the Grand Jury Room at the Galleries of Justice Museum. The young artists who are about to perform live, or show their films to the audience, are feeling nervous and very very excited.

6:30 pm. The room is now full of people. The light goes down. Music fades out. The Raw Roads: Invisible Nottingham showcase begins. Inspiring young talent comes up to sing or rap their original creations, which were all devised this week during Raw Roads workshops. Brave and clear, the pieces talk about issues such as racism, domestic abuse, being a discriminated young black man, budget cuts and the truth behind young offending.
Below are some pics from the day and the show.

Thank you to Clare Barlow and Stone Soup Academy staff; to Moon Chester, Leanne and the crew of SEND Project; to Lynn and all the team at College Street Centre; and to Adam and the staff at Galleries of Justice Museum.

And to all the incredible young talent – you are amazing. SHINE ON!
Next stop…. LONDON, 30th July!

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Lucy Brown

July 20th, 2015

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